Metal Roofing Prices

Get the cost of a metal roof in 2 easy steps!
  1. Step 1: Enter your address and roof type below and our software will look it up on Google Maps to get the sqft.
  2. Step 2: You are provided with an average cost based on your location and property square footage.

Following are things that will impact the price of a metal roof. 

  1. The square footage and shape of your home.
  2. If your building is more than one story.
  3. The type of metal roof you want. Standing seam metal roofs are more costly then steel or aluminum metal roofs.
  4. The metal roofing labor costs and material cost in your location.

Advantages of a metal roof

  • Longevity. Metal roofs can last 40-70 years while your traditional l asphalt roofs last about 15 years.
  • Durability. Metal roofs can sustain high winds, do not corrode or crack like asphalt and can handle much higher impact.
  • Fire Safety. Metal roofs will not ignite into flames during a wildfire or lightning strike so is a great choice for locations that get hit by a lot of fires or storms.
  • Energy Efficiency. Metal roofs can result in a 25% reduction in cooling costs.
Roof Replacement
Roof Replacement Project
Roof Replacement Project
Signs you need a new roof:


You have multiple leaks in your roof.


Broke or cracked shingles or tiles


If your roof is 15+ years old

Energy Efficiency

Want to improve heating and cooling costs

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We partner with the top roofers in your location to provide you with the most accurate roofing price quotes. Roofing prices differ a great deal by location, so partnering with roofing companies near you, assures you are getting a quote that is accurate for your location.

Following are some of the core factors that will impact the cost of a new roof:

  • Size of your home
  • Pitch of the Roof
  • Roofing Materials used
  • If you need the old roof removed
  • Local Labor Costs
  • If any permits are needed